Midsummer Walk to the Llanpumsaint 5 Saints Pools

Llanpumsaint Walking club’s traditional walk to the Saints Pools. Meet at village hall carpark at 6pm. We will then walk across the playing field, up the main road to Coopers. We then walk through private land with kind agreement of the landowner, and walk up the River Cerwyn. Wellies, stout sticks are needed because the river bed can be slippyery! You will walk through the 5 pools until you get to last one with a lovely waterfall. This is where the 5 Celtic saints, Gwyn, Gwynoro, Ceithio, Celynin and Gwyno used to bathe, bringing pilgrims from far and wide to sample the healing properties of the pools. Please ring Carolyn Smethurst on 01267 253547 for further information.

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