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West Wales Dowsers

The Society was formed in 1993 by a group of like-minded people wanting to explore and encourage the different aspects and uses of Dowsing and Divining. Our aim is to learn for ourselves and teach others, the many aspects of dowsing/divining.  To further this aim, we hold practice sessions and/or invite excellent speakers plus our popular Summer field trips Meetings are held in Bronwydd Village Hall on fourth Sunday of the month. Time: 1.45 – 4.45  Annual Membership is available at just £12 a year plus regular Newsletter. Dowsing is a useful and interesting practice that almost anyone can learn.  It’s thought to have originated in Egypt or even earlier.  Many companies use the services of experienced dowsers to search for water, minerals, oil, electricity cables etc.  Some people dowse the safety of their food, and check for geopathic stress in their surroundings, but this is a personal belief and not yet scientifically proven.  Why not come along and find out for yourself?  Entrance is £4 per person including a welcome cuppa and a biscuit in the break.  No equipment is necessary, just bring yourselves.

Calendar 2019

Sunday January 27th: Shelley Underhill-Savage- Peace Labyrinth Working
Sunday February 24th: Ros Briagha – Chinese Astrology
Sunday March 25th: AGM, then Simon George – Remote Viewing, free to attend!
Sunday April 28th: Dewi Bowen – Ancient Sites in West Wales
Sunday May 19th: Maria Wheatley – Dowsing Sacred Sites of West Wales
Sunday June 23rd: Gary & Caroline Biltcliffe – The Spine of Albion & Power Centre
Sunday July 28th: John Billingsley – Magical House Protection
AUGUST – No meeting
Sunday September 22nd: Eve Crystal – Reflexology
Sunday October27th: Peter & Sue Knight – Albion Dreamtime – Re-enchanting the Isle of Dragons
Sunday November 24th: Ros Briagha – Modern Stone Circles
DECEMBER – No meeting
* Field Trips TBA
Hope to see you there :-) Happy dowsing! For more information see our Website: http://westwalesdowsers.org.uk/ or telephone Sandy 01267 253547 or email: sandymather@gmail.com