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Services (All at llanpumsaint church unless otherwise stated)

17th March 2020 Following guidance from the Church in Wales Bench of Bishops, all public services are suspended until further notice. This decision has been taken after considering the Government’s announcements concerning the Coronavirus.
The Church building will be open during daylight hours for those who wish to use it for private prayer. There is hand sanitiser inside the door. Please use this on entering and leaving and maintain a safe distance from anyone else who may be using the building.
22nd March 10.00 am All Age Eucharist  (Mothering Sunday)
29th March 11.00 am  Morning Prayer

For further information please see the Church Notice Board or contact Rev’d Gaynor (see below for details). Find us on Facebook – Llanpumsaint Bronwydd and Llanllawddog Churches.


7th March Saturday 10.30 – 1.30  Eco Open Church
14th March


15th March

Every Tuesday during Lent

Monthly Market Llanllawddog Church 10 am to 12 noon.



Forest Church Taster Session 1 – 4 pm at Llanllawddog


Commencing 3rd March 7 – 9 pm at the Vicarage there will be Lent Bible Study

Every Tuesday Morning  9 am Morning Prayer


Every Tuesday Afternoon 2.00 – 3.30 pm Village Circle. An opportunity to meet for a cuppa and a chat. You are welcome to bring any craft or hobby item you have on the go, or there will be opportunities to learn new skills if you wish. All ages welcome. Although this is taking place in the church, it is not a church event and the emphasis is on community. If you would like any more information, please contact Niki Day on 01267 253883, email enfysfechan@btinternet.com or Helen Thomas on 01267 253930, email helenthomas@btinternet.com


News From Rev. Gaynor Jones-Higgs.

I write on 3rd January, the Christmas decorations are still up but since October now we have been putting plans into place for our Lent campaign.

There has been huge diocesan re-organisation over the last few months and this means that our Churches have  now come into one “super parish” called a Local Ministry Area (LMA) with the Carmarthen Churches, Abergwili, Llangunnor and the Cynwl Elfed group. Whilst this presents some challenges it also brings opportunities and all of the churches in the new LMA will be involved in the Eco Lent project.

Bro Caerfyrddin LMA aims to run an eco Lent campaign, linking current concerns regarding climate change and sustainability to the ancient Christian disciplines of fasting and deeper spiritual engagement during Lent. We aim to challenge views that Christians and churches are seeking to have dominion over the natural world and promote the view that actually Christians should be responsible for the created world that God has gifted to us. Sustainable use of the earth’s resources is an expression of love for God and neighbour. We recognize as the Diocesan Creation Care and Sustainability officer puts it, that as Anglican Churches we have “an influential constituency often active at the heart of wider civic life. What we do matters, not just in terms of individual Christian responsibility but also in our impact on society”.

We have already made links with the local council, schools, Plant Dewi and other community groups such as allotment associations and local businesses to help us promote and publicise the eco lent message. Three events are already arranged and we very much hope that people who are not already members of our churches might like to join in with these.

A vegetarian and locally sourced dinner at The Warren restaurant Carmarthen with after dinner speaker founder of The Warren, Deri Reed.

An Eco Open Church event. This is a free drop in event with games, crafts, activities and refreshments for people of all ages based on creation care themes.

A Forest Church taster session. We recognise that “traditional” church does not always reach out effectively to people with no church background and that within church communities people nourish and sustain and express spiritual commitment differently. For these reasons we propose a variety of different activities and events in various locations to engage a wide diversity of people.

Other events proposed are a secondary school’s debate in partnership with Size of Wales, themed primary school assemblies, pancake launch event with focus on using leftovers, themed devotional / Bible study groups and a sustainable fashion show.

We hope to engage more people with the central Christian messages of Love of God and neighbour so that all may live in abundance, the recreation of creation and sharing of the earth’s resources being expressions of Christian love.

Everyone is welcome at any of our services and events. We look forward to meeting new people at any of our events and services, and continuing to serve God and our communities.

If you thinks church is not for you, it’s not involved in the real world, that Christians have no fun, think again. Church has changed – maybe 2020 is the year to find this out for yourself.

Yours Rev’d Gaynor

Tel 01267 253158 j_gaynor@hotmail.com Follow us on Facebook Llanpumsaint Bronwydd and Llanllawddog churches. Please contact Revd Gaynor for further details of services and events or check church notice boards.