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Church Times


15th September 11.00 am   Eucharist
22nd September 11.00 am Morning Prayer     5 pm LMA Evensong at Christchurch Carmarthen
29th September 11.00 am Morning Prayer     5 pm LMA Evensong at Christchurch Carmarthen
4th October 6.30 pm Harvest Service in Church followed by supper at 7.30 pm in Memorial Hall
6th October 10.00 am  Benefice All Age Harvest Eucharist at Llanllawddog
9th October 7.00 pm Local Ministry Area Inauguration St Peter’s Carmarthen
13th October 11.00 am Morning Prayer   5 pm LMA Evensong at Christchurch Carmarthen
20th October 11.00 am  Eucharist

For further information please see the Church Notice Board or contact Rev’d Gaynor (see below for details). Find us on Facebook – Llanpumsaint Bronwydd and Llanllawddog Churches.


12th September 3.30 pm  Open Church
14th September


Friday 4th October

10.00 am to 12 noon   Monthly Market at Llanllawddog Church Hall



7.30 pm  harvest Supper in Memorial Hall (following service in Church). Tickets £10 each

Every Tuesday Morning  9 am Morning Prayer
Every Tuesday Afternoon 2.00 – 3.30 pm Village Circle. An opportunity to meet for a cuppa and a chat. You are welcome to bring any craft or hobby item you have on the go, or there will be opportunities to learn new skills if you wish. All ages welcome. Although this is taking place in the church, it is not a church event and the emphasis is on community. If you would like any more information, please contact Niki Day on 01267 253883, email enfysfechan@btinternet.com or Helen Thomas on 01267 253930, email helenthomas@btinternet.com


My name is Jenny and I am 10 years old. Last summer, I started attending Llanpumsaint church. The main reason that I wanted to start going to church was because Reverend Gaynor regularly visits our school, she tells us stories from the Bible, and we learn a lot from her. It made me want to go to church on a Sunday. I asked my mum, but as we had never been to church before, she wasn’t very keen. I asked and asked, until one Sunday she agreed to take me. We really enjoyed the service; everyone was so welcoming and friendly. We continued to go every week, and after a few months, Gaynor asked if I would like to be Baptised, and as my mum and I had never been christened of baptised, we decided to do this together. We had a beautiful service, and last month, we were confirmed by the Bishop. We have continued to attend church every Sunday, and we really enjoy it. Gaynor is lovely, and explains everything as it is happening. Anyone can attend church, young or old, and it is a really enjoyable time. Everyone will welcome you with open arms, and explain everything to you so that you know what to do. It’s not difficult though, if I can get it, so can you!

For the last few months, I have been an Altar Server, which means that I help Gaynor with the service. It means a lot to me and I love to be able to help her.

Once a month we have an Open Church event, which is from 3.30 to 5 pm. We usually have over 30 people there, and we learn bible stories and play lots of games. It is really good fun, but we have room for plenty more people, so please come along. Hope to see you there soon!


News From Rev. Gaynor Jones-Higgs.

Shortly after our multi-faith Holocaust Memorial service, I visited Coventry Cathedral. The ruins of the old cathedral, which was bombed in 1940, merge into the modern new building which was consecrated in 1962. After Coventry was bombed, Cathedral Provost Dick Howard had the phrase “Father Forgive” inscribed on the wall of the ruined cathedral where it can still be seen today. The simple prayer Father Forgive, rather than Father forgive them, led to Coventry Cathedral becoming a renowned centre for ministry of reconciliation.

The Litany of Reconciliation is said at 12 noon in the cathedral and on Fridays many other associated centres of reconciliation around the world also join in the prayer.

Then I wondered, wouldn’t it be amazing if Llanpumsaint could become a centre of reconciliation, a place where we actively celebrate what we have in common and strive to disagree well? A bit of further research informed me there is currently only one Coventry affiliated centre of reconciliation in Wales, the village of Llanbeder in Gwynedd. With recent tragic events in New Zealand perhaps the need to do this has been drawn more clearly into focus.

As a start I’d like to begin saying the litany of reconciliation every Friday at 12 noon at the church. To make this happen, I need 51 like minded individuals who are willing to take responsibility for leading the litany on one Friday in the year. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact me.

Yours Rev’d Gaynor Tel 01267 253158 j_gaynor@hotmail.com Follow us on Facebook Llanpumsaint Bronwydd and Llanllawddog churches. Please contact Revd Gaynor for further details of services and events or check church notice boards.