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    29th June 2020   We are absolutely delighted to report that, following an extensive risk assessment and site visit from the Archdeacon, Llanpumsaint Church will be open for personal prayer and reflection on Mondays from 10 to 11 am and 7 to 8 pm. We offer a quiet and calm space for prayer, meditation or reflection for people of all faiths or of none. Things look a little different to pre lockdown but this is a very important first step towards a positive new future. We look forward to welcoming you.
17th March 2020 Following guidance from the Church in Wales Bench of Bishops, all public services are suspended until further notice. This decision has been taken after considering the Government’s announcements concerning the Coronavirus. The Bishop has also decided that church buildings must be closed at all times for the present.

For further information please see the Church Notice Board or contact Rev’d Gaynor (see below for details). Find us on Facebook – Llanpumsaint Bronwydd and Llanllawddog Churches.



News From Rev. Gaynor Jones-Higgs.

We were delighted to open our Church building in Llanpumsaint on 19th July for public services, after having shut the doors in March as the country went into lockdown. Although of course we remember our friends and neighbours who are still shielding or self isolating and are not physically able to be with us at the moment.

Church never closed and during lockdown we rapidly moved our ministry on-line, but there was something special about being physically together again, sharing bread and wine in a place where over hundreds of years people have prayed before us.

Never did I think that I would have to operate a booking system for Church services, but as we move into the new normal that is the way we are currently having to operate. It takes at least three detailed risk assessments and a site visit by the Archdeacon for any church building to be fully operational and we must have two covid stewards on duty every time the church building is open. We would welcome offers of more help with stewarding from people over 16 years of age, who are not shielding, self isolating or clinically vulnerable and are not living in the same household as someone who is. This might be the ideal opportunity for young people who are looking for volunteering opportunities for Duke of Edinburgh Award or similar. You don’t have to be Christian to volunteer with us, you don’t even have to sit in the service if you don’t want to – but we’d love it if you did.

We are very aware that we are one of the first buildings locally to open for private prayer and collective worship so we would stress that everyone is welcome to make use of our buildings and services, people of any or no faith and of all denominations. If you are “Chapel” and your building isn’t open yet or if you usually worship at Skanda Vale as long as you book, you are welcome to worship with us.

If the traditions of church confuse you or are simply alien, if you are worried about what page of the prayer book you are supposed to be on, now is the ideal time to come to church because we are all learning how to do things in the “new normal”, it’s new and a bit strange for all of us and we are learning together what Church will look like into the future.

Guidelines and advice are changing on an almost daily basis at the moment, so the best way to keep up to date with what’s happening with our churches is to follow us on Facebook.

Yours Rev’d Gaynor

Tel 01267 253158 j_gaynor@hotmail.com Follow us on Facebook Llanpumsaint Bronwydd and Llanllawddog churches. Please contact Revd Gaynor for further details of services and events or check church notice boards.