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          Please remember that government and Church in Wales guidelines are changing rapidly. The best way to keep up to date with what is happening in our churches is to follow us on Facebook, as the information there can be updated more quickly.

Please see the church notice board or visit our Facebook page for details of services


Zoom services of Morning Prayer continue at 9 am on Wednesdays and 10 am on Sundays. Please contact Rev’d Gaynor for the links. (Details below)

Eucharist services take place in the church buildings on Sundays at 2 pm. Details of dates can be found on Facebook. Please remember that you will have to book your space in advance and bring your face covering.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding at this time.


For further information please see the Church Notice Board or contact Rev’d Gaynor (see below for details). Find us on Facebook – Llanpumsaint Bronwydd and Llanllawddog Churches.



News From Rev. Gaynor Jones-Higgs.

Our churches are part of a wider Local Ministry Area (LMA) comprised of the eleven churches of Llanpumsaint, Llanllawddog, St Celynin Bronwydd, St Alban’s Cwm Duad, St David’s Abergwili, St Peter’s Carmarthen, St John’s Carmarthen, Christchurch Carmarthen, New Church, Cynwl Elfed and Llangunnor.

From August 2021 there will only be two and a half (part time post) paid priests and a paid curate working across all of these churches, we are hugely grateful for the extraordinary amount of work done in our churches by volunteers.

It is clear that rural and town churches can’t simply be compared, they are not the same thing and have not had the same Covid experience. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify why resources should be poured into small congregations, especially if this means that those resources are then diverted from churches that more people may be attending. Sadly, our resources are limited and we are in a very real season of “use it or risk losing it”. If we want church services or other church related activities in our villages then we need to be there as far as possible (of course we realise that there are very good reasons why some people can’t attend in person at various times in their lives and this is why we intend to continue with Zoom provision).

Over the summer we will be celebrating several weddings and baptisms in our churches, we are delighted that families still want church input in their lives on these joyful occasions but churches aren’t just for weddings, christenings and funerals. A church is the worshipping community in a place, if there is no community doing the work of the church week in week out, we can’t justify or afford to keep the buildings open and there is no collective worship then we cease to become a Church and are simply a social club.

The first baptism recorded in the current baptismal register for Llanpumsaint Church was on May 14th 1896. Our churches have been centres of community and village life for hundreds of years. Places where people have shared joys and sorrows. I very much hope with your continuing commitment and support they will continue to be so.

Yours Rev’d Gaynor

Tel 01267 253158 j_gaynor@hotmail.com Follow us on Facebook Llanpumsaint Bronwydd and Llanllawddog churches. Please contact Revd Gaynor for further details of services and events or check church notice boards.