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Grwpiau Lleol

Clwbgwili 60+


Clwbgwili 60+ meets at Bronwydd Hall on the last Monday of each... read more

Clwb Cinio

Did you know that Mike, Jayne and Nick, at The Railway Inn, host a monthly luncheon club which takes place on the second Wednesday of each... read more

ZUMBA Ffitrwydd / Dawns

Every Tuesday 6.15pm – 7.15pm in the Village Hall, ZUMBA Dance/Fitness classes with Sue Greensmith. Zumba has become one of the... read more

Côr Llanpumsaint a’r Cylch

Côr cymysg yw Côr Llanpumsaint a’r Cylch. Ffurfiwyd y Côr yn wreiddiol ym mis Hydref 1979 gyda thua 25 o aelodau o ardal Llanpumsaint.... read more

West Wales Dowsers Society


The Society was formed in 1993 by a group of like-minded people wanting to explore and encourage the different aspects and uses of Dowsing... read more

Llanpumsaint Curiad Calon

The village has 4 defibrillators: Village Hall – SA33 6BZ Outside Railway Inn – SA33 6BU On wall outside Henfryn on way to... read more

Pwyllgor Gweithgareddau


Mi fydd Cyfarfod Blynyddol Pwyllgor Gweithgareddau Llanpumsaint & Nebo yn cael eu gynnal ar y 29ain o Fehefin, 7:30y.h. yn neuadd y... read more

Bowls Club

The Bowls Club now has its own website... read more

Cymdeithas Nebo


Cymdeithas Nebo normally meets third Friday (except some occasions)of every month, please feel free to join. 21st of May- Mr & Mrs-... read more